The total cost of the workshop will be 1400 US Dollars for “established” scientists; but if you are within 5 years after having completed your PhD (we call these ECRs, Early Career Researchers) you will need to pay nothing at all.  The cost covers all food, accommodation, local transport and organisational costs – but not alcoholic beverages.  You just have to get to Temuco Airport, Chile first thing on Monday 19 February 2024.   A non-refundable deposit of $500 Australian will be required from established scientists by 31 August 2023 (in the event of re-scheduling due to COVID, war or volcanic eruption your money will be safe! See our COVID policy).

Please note that ANdiNA’s policy is that we do not pay the costs of any invited superstars.  All money raised in the form of grants and donations goes to subsidise ECRs and other deserving cases (whose need is far greater!).  Once you have been offered a place at the workshop (and only then) please visit the e-cart online payment system  to pay the deposit in Australian Dollars (credit card payments only) and secure your place.  Note that you do not have to make an accommodation booking with the venue – we will do that for you (and we will allocate rooms). The final payment will be due by 20 December 2023. If you prefer to pay the entire amount in August, we can also accommodate this. 

For every workshop we receive requests from deserving cases to waive the fee or to cover international travel costs. We are doing our best to obtain sponsorship that will allow a significant reduction in the food and accommodation cost for a small number of people from the “global south” – though travel costs would not be included under any circumstances. So, if you think you have a valid case for support, please do not be inhibited from applying because of the cost. Apply, let us know of your circumstances, and we will see if we can help you. We can also write a glowing letter in support of any applications that you submit to a funding agency.

Refund policy

Andina is an informal group of colleagues, without financial reserves, which runs meeting for the benefit of the scientific community. By April we will be starting to pay venue and other costs on your behalf. Once you have made your final payment, our refund policy is similar to a theatre ticket: we are happy to make a refund provided all tickets have been sold and we are able to “on-sell” your ticket to someone else. If you are forced to cancel, for example for medical reasons, you should make sure that your travel insurance will cover it.