This meeting is organised by ANdiNA

ANdiNA is a virtual society, an informal network that works to inject good-humoured critical debate into ecology; communicates outcomes of its debates via the scientific press; and fosters international dialogue, collaboration and mentoring.  A priority is to help early-career scientists to engage in a substantive way with their international peers.  So far, around 120 people have participated in our very unusual workshops in mountains areas around the globe.  We have no formal presentations, only dialogue through informal and facilitated sessions and case studies.  Our meetings make no profits, we have no reserve of funds and we rely entirely on the goodwill of our contributing scientists and the occasional generous grant that allows us to subsidise the costs of young attendees.

Program committee:

Kristiina Visakorpi (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) (co-chair)

Florencia Yannelli (Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology
and Inland Fisheries
, Freie Universität Berlin) (co-chair)

Marc Cadotte (University of Toronto, Scarborough, Canada)

Helen Regan (UC-Riverside, USA)

Monica Ortiz (Institute for Ecology and Biodiversity, Chile)

Mariana Chiuffo (CONICET, Argentina)

Facilitator Michael Williams (Michael Williams & Associates Pty Ltd, Sydney)

Coordinator, secretary, treasurer…..Roger Cousens (The University of Melbourne, Australia) 

Andina V attendees, Spanish Pyrenees, June 2022
Andina V attendees, Spanish Pyrenees, June 2022